Big Sigh of Relief When Taxes Get Done
I've read a bunch of books on the value of keeping your eye on the prize. On how acknowledging the small wins can lead to more wins. So what's your plan for when you either finish your taxes, or when you get your refund check in the mail? Will you go out to one of Ocean County's re…
Tips for Tax Procrastinators
If you haven't started your taxes yet, there's a little bit of good news. You have a couple extra days because the deadline this year is actually Tuesday, April 17th.
Any Advice for Getting Taxes Done Early?
I struggle with getting myself organized for tax time. Rather than dealing with receipts and calculations throughout the year, I just put it off until April 15th is near. Then it's a stressful scramble that my accountant does not appreciate.
A Painful Lesson About Procrastination
Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I'm sharing with you my regrets in hopes this blog might encourage you to do the things you may be putting off. You don't want to make that call or visit when it's too late.
Cheering You On With Your New Year's Goals
When you fall off the horse, get right back on. There's no point in beating yourself up if you slip up. Remember that you are human and it may take some time before you reach your goal.

I've read a lot of books and learned from coaches and trainers and one of the keys to success is to p…
Feeling Tax Stress
Why does April 15th always come so quickly?  If you're a tax procrastinator like me, this time of year can be stressful, unless you're the type who thrives under pressure.
Still Haven’t Done Taxes?
The tax deadline is fast approaching and many of us still haven't prepared our tax returns.  Why do we procrastinate and what can we do to get motivated and reduce our stress levels?   I did some research and want to share with you some of what I read...