Big Sigh of Relief When Taxes Get Done
I've read a bunch of books on the value of keeping your eye on the prize. On how acknowledging the small wins can lead to more wins. So what's your plan for when you either finish your taxes, or when you get your refund check in the mail? Will you go out to one of Ocean County's re…
Any Advice for Getting Taxes Done Early?
I struggle with getting myself organized for tax time. Rather than dealing with receipts and calculations throughout the year, I just put it off until April 15th is near. Then it's a stressful scramble that my accountant does not appreciate.
Advice From One Tax Procrastinator To Another
We've lucked out these past couple of years, getting a few extra days to get our taxes done.  Well, today, April 18th is the day they're due.  Are you still working on them?  Have you even started?
As a lifelong tax procrastinator, I've learned some things over the years…
How to recognize and avoid falling victim to IRS Phone Scams
The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says they continue to receive calls from residents who have received unsolicited calls from people posing to be from with the IRS demanding money. The prosecutor's office has put together a list of things to look out for so you don't fall victim to…

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