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So whats your favorite "cup of joe" at home?

It's no lie that I love coffee. It's almost a hobby or maybe even an obsession lol Not sure coffee falls into a "vice" but if it does then its my # 1

So this blog I wanna know what your favorite cup of coffee is at home ? We have maxwell house, folgers, green mountain, k-cups and ground .... Flavored ones ( french vanilla, blueberry, hazelnut, chocolate ) plus espresso!

I must say the coffee of choice at home, nothing exotic, is maxwell house. Simple , but good its our coffee of choice .... On a daily basis. I like flavored coffee on occasion , french vanilla is tha fav, but I dont like it all the time....prefer regular.

Whats the coffee of choice at your house?

Here's a blast from the past circa 1974

Enjoy that morning coffee :)

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