Remember the "old days" when cell phones made calls and that was about it? I remember being really excited when I could get a message with baseball scores once a day. But these days there are literally thousands of "Apps" that you can use to add functionality to your mobile device.

There are useful apps; calendars, calculators, alarm clocks, etc. And there are, let's be honest, time wasting apps; games, dating apps, and things that literally just make funny noises.

As for me, I love Shopkick, they have it for both iPhone and Android platforms. It's basically a shopping app that rewards you You just have to go to stores that you normally go to; Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, and others, and collect "Kicks" just for walking in. At other stores that aren't official partners, you can also scan the barcodes on specific products to gather points. You can then redeem the points you've collected for gift cards. Unlike some other rewards programs where it's almost impossible to get enough points to actually get anything worthwhile, Shopkick makes it really easy to collect and redeem points. No joke, in a little over a year, I've collected enough points for over $200 in gift cards (I've gotten mostly Target and Best Buy gift cards). If you want to check out Shopkick, just click here.

I also love SkyView, which is a super cool astonomy app. I've talked before about my love for dark, clear night skies, and this app is a must have for skywatchers. Using your device's GPS and compass, you point your camera at the sky, and the app identifies which constellations, planets, even satellites you're looking at. Ever wonder what that bright light in the sky is? SkyView will tell you! Get more info on this awesome app here.

So those are what I would consider to be my favorite apps, what are some of yours? Share in the comments section so the rest of us can check out your favorites!