Vote for what roadway you think is best here in New Jersey !

I think I have traveled every roadway ( large ) in New Jersey at some point in time, and still I have to say despite the toll increase that the Garden State Parkway is my favorite. The GSP has good roads for the most part and plenty of room to drive. There are nice rest stops pretty much from the New York State Line to Cape May.... incase you need a break , food, coffee or gas.

The Atlantic City Expressway is a nice toll road too, but I just dont travel that much to Southwest Jersey and Philadelphia.

The Turnpike is always crowded with large trucks and the road can get rough at times, so I always choose GSP over the Turnpike unless its unavoidable.

Route 9 is FREE but SLOW ( Traffic Lights ) . If I have plenty of time and have stops along the way , Route 9 is doable from Toms River to Tuckerton.

For the record when I go into New York City I prefer the Lincoln Tunnel to GWB or Holland and usually the Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin Bridge when going into Philly.

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