My sister and I took a road trip over the weekend.  As I was walking around the hotel I noticed a lot of people who carried their own pillows with them.  And I'm remembering back to my flight last month and recall seeing passengers with bed pillows on the plane, not just those travel pillows you put around your neck.  Hmmm, what is this all about?

What is it about one's own personal pillow that makes it a "must-have" when traveling?  Is it just the right softness?  Does it have the familiar and comforting scent of home?  Will it help ensure a good night's sleep?  It's one more thing to carry on board but if it helps you sleep or keeps you comfortable, then what's the harm?

I usually take my slippers with me.  After a long day in regular shoes, I like my feet to feel comfy but warm.

Do you take your own hair dryer with you?  Most American hotels have one in each room but I know how finicky some women's hair can be.  If you have a styling tool you know works with your hair, it may make sense to bring it.  But then again, it's one more thing to weigh down your bag.

When you're leaving home, what personal item do you like to have with you?  (Besides the obvious packables like clothing, toiletries, etc.)



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