Were you one of the runners in the River To Bay 5K put on by Toms River Kiwanis Daybreak?  Were you part of the sea of pink that covered the streets of Philadelphia during the Komen Race for the Cure?  Are you one of those fit athletic types who’s always up for a run?  Or do you get involved because it’s fun?  Or do you like to support the sponsor charity?

Whatever the reason for you to don your running shoes, you have my respect and admiration!  My Facebook feed has been showing devoted folks running in the rain, under less than ideal conditions, and then smiling for a great selfie at the end.  If you are like them, I applaud your commitment and attitude, that you can have fun and smile even though you may be wet, uncomfortable, tired, or in pain.

I’ll never forget meeting two people who had just run a marathon.  I was admiring the medals around their necks.  My jaw dropped when they told me this was the 12th marathon they’ve run in.  They were soooo nonchalant!   Finishing a marathon once would feel superheroic to me.  The fact that they’ve done a dozen?  Wow!  I can’t even imagine.

Running races is not something on my bucket list, but I know many people who love them.  They talk about the “runner’s high” and love training for race days.

What brings you out to the races in Ocean and Monmouth Counties?  Competition with yourself or others?  Fun?  Sense of community?  Helping the charity?


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