Please Help Fellow Residents This Winter!
Please Help Fellow Residents This Winter! Help your neighbors who are is desperate need this Winter! For the past three years, Alpha School Career Education students in Jackson, have volunteered with Kevin Garrison, founder of The Blessing Bag Brigade, to fill Blessing Bags with trial-size necessit…
Wondering Where To Donate Today?
It feels good to give, even just a little something. And for people who are struggling, it feels great to receive. Whether your donation helps buy warm coats for kids or helps feed a local family, financial gifts are appreciated. There's a bonus benefit to you, the donor, which is a potenti…
Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation
Shawn and Sue sit down to talk with Jody, Melissa and Sienna about the Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation .... a local scholarship program for the arts in Ocean County.
There is a benefit concert Saturday, January 27th at Barnegat High School beginning at 5 pm.
Band Aid Archives To Be Exhibited
News this week from Sir Bob Geldof is that he's donating the Band Aid archives to the National Library of Ireland. The letters, artwork, and music recordings need to be catalogued and preserved but some day they will be on exhibit. It's an exhibit I'd love to see some day!

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