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Thanksgiving is 16 days away and for some it's a turkey-fest and for others it's just not their favorite, so we are daring to ask the question "if not turkey, then what for Thanksgiving?"

After talking to several people who say that turkey is not their favorite I began thinking well if not turkey then what? For some I asked their immediate response was "it's a tradition" and how could you have Thanksgiving without turkey. It was apparent that those who believe it's "tradition" were not willing to skip the turkey, for them it was all about the turkey.

For those who are not fans of Tom the Turkey, they offered up a lot of ideas on what to serve for Thanksgiving. One compromise was to cook a smaller turkey and then have another main course with it....so two main courses and everyone is happy. Other ideas included more side dishes for those who wanna pass on Tom.

How do you feel about a turkey substitute for Thanksgiving? Here are some other ideas listeners had with Shawn & Sue's Morning Coffee Question (Weekday Morning at 8:05 am)


  • Catherine ~ The Italian's do a big pasta feast and then there is Turkey for a side dish.
  • Kathy ~ I hate turkey. Would rather have a roast beef, ham, or pork roast.
  • Anne ~ Roy Rogers
  • Tiffany ~ Come on now....LASAGNA!!
  • Jacki ~ Lobster
  • Fran ~ Ham
  • Helen ~ Lamb
  • Teresa ~ Prime Rib
  • Daneen ~  Honestly there is no Replacement for Turkey on thanksgiving. If Needed I would prepare a Ham to serve alongside the Turkey for those that don’t enjoy turkey. The sides would all remain the same.
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