"Bimini Bob" is very popular with Berkeley Township Residents and there is a happy ending. 

He's a turkey and quite a celebrity "turkey" in Berkeley. He's been trotting around Bimini Drive for some time now, that's how he got his name "Bimini Bob". Residents would get worried if they didn't see "Bimini" for a while, wondering if he was safe.

Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato gave us an update on the turkey on his Facebook page:

"Bimini Bob" has been safely relocated to Assunpink Wildlife Management Area in Allentown NJ. "I know many have inquired as to the status of "Bimini Bob" and I wanted to report that he did receive a Mayoral Pardon from his traffic violations and will live out his remaining years safe and sound." Mayor Amato said.

Thanks for all the smiles you brought to Berkeley Township, "Bimini Bob".

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