Have you ever thought about the people who have come into your life and how some become more than business associates or even friends but actually play a significant role.  While I knew of Peter Cancro as the main man behind Jersey Mike’s Subs I just met him a few years ago through my association at that time with the Shore Sports Network.  Believe it or not it turned out we shared many of the same philosophies on sports, business and life in general.  While most of our contacts have been through phone conversations or text messages we have built a bit of a relationship over the years and so has my admiration for him and his company which is closing in on 3,000 franchises open or in development, including 300 in Canada.

3,000 of these are open or in development
3,000 of these are open or in development

I mention this because in announcing my “retirement” from a full-time career at WOBM/Townsquare Media last month I did mention there would be another chapter to my personal story and that chapter took me to the corporate headquarters of Jersey Mike’s in Manasquan this week.  No I am not going to be making their famous #7 (Turkey and Provolone) but rather working on a special project through the Marketing Department.  As I sat with Peter this week and we began to lay out what we want to accomplish I realized that this is the perfect last stop for me before true retirement beckons.

I will be able to not only stay local but work for a company that offers a great product (#8 Club Sub is my personal favorite), is still growing and believes 100% in being part of the community and giving back.  Just last year Jersey Mike’s raised $21 million for local charities through its Month of Giving initiative.

Who could have imagined a few years ago that one day I would work for Peter Cancro?  You just never know where life will take you.


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