I overheard a friendly argument that made me chuckle.  Two women were swearing that their method of turkey roasting was the best.  One swears by her covered roasting pan, saying that basting is a waste of time and energy.  The other said three generations of women in her family know that basting is the key to juicy Thanksgiving bird.  I giggled because these two were making their case so strongly, with such conviction!  So I guess it proves there's really no "BEST" way.  Holiday dinners are subjective and probably have a lot to do with traditions and recipes and techniques that have been handed down from previous generations.

So just for fun, let's hear from those of you who will be roasting turkey Thursday.  What method will you be using?  Covered roasting pan?  Uncovered pan?  Plastic bag?  Will you brine?  Will you baste?  Will you use a turkey fryer?

Please share in the Comments section and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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