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This week I received a message from Karen who wanted to know about a tower which is being built in Ocean County. I thought maybe this would warrant a bit of investigation.


"Hi Shawn whats the tower going up on 530 in whiting for ? its near the blinking light on 530 and pine ridge south community" so thanks Karen for reaching out and posing this question.

I did a little investigation, also known as google, and maybe this article from Jersey Shore Online  has the answer.....according to this 2019 article it appears it may be a "cell tower" that officials hope will improve signal in some of Ocean County's weaker coverage areas.

According to the article Manchester Township had a least 5 different properties it was considering for the new tower. 4 of those lots were turned down because of their locations in forested areas. The Pinelands Commission finally agreed on Block 89 lot 3, which is off Route 530 by Pine Ridge.

Now this is only speculation on my part, but this article points towards a "cell tower" but we always welcome listeners questions about projects here in Ocean County and we hope we can come up with a final answer to this mystery.

So lets ask listeners if they have any further information on this tower on Route 530 in the Whiting section of Manchester Township? Any idea if in fact it's a "cell tower" ?

If you ever have question please feel free to reach out and email me at shawn.michaels@townsquaremedia.com 

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