Exit 80 (Southbound) on the Garden State Parkway.....South Toms River. As you make your way off the parkway and onto Dover Road the first thing you see is some empty businesses. Today we wanna talk about what would be a good fit for this section of South Toms River.

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It's on the other side of the Garden State Parkway, away from Downtown Toms River, it's a section of South Toms River that seems to be all by itself and on its own.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


I spotted these businesses which obviously look closed. They are on both sides of Dover Road directly across from one another. Gas stations are hard to replace because quite often there are tanks in the ground that need removal and it is very expensive so that scares potential buyers off. I think the other building might have been some type of convenience store but I could be wrong, but the bottom line is what could this area of South Toms River use, that would help local residents the best?

There is a Wawa right there so that angle is taken. The Wawa has gas so that probably answers the question of why the station pictured above is closed. The Super Wawa there in South Toms River offers gas and their convenience store.

So what do you at home think? we always love to throw questions about our neighborhoods at you....the people who live here. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and we appreciate you taking the time to answer this one about South Toms River. Post your thoughts and ideas below and we'll discuss on the air :)


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