Leggings are welcome on United Airlines.  That's the official word from the carrier after a controversy over passengers wearing the super tight stretchy pants.  If you missed the story, some "non-revenue" passengers were travelling on the Pass program (a perk for friends and family of United employees.)  They were not allowed to fly because their outfits went against the dress code in place for those flying on the pass program.  The airline says they are held to a higher standard because they are considered "Ambassadors" of the airline.

Anyway, the whole scandal got me thinking about dress codes.  I'm generally in favor of them.  I think a company has a right to project the image it wants to project so it can set policies that reflect that.  For example, some exclusive clubs have a strict "no jeans" policy.  My own high school had a "no short skirts" rule."  And certain restaurants require jacket and tie.  Then there are the dress codes in place for safety's sake.  Those on construction sites must wear closed toe shoes.  Healthcare workers are not allowed to wear flip flops, etc.

But in certain places I'm glad the rules have been relaxed.  Like I believe churches shouldn't expect everyone to wear their "Sunday Best," because it's just not practical in today's society.

What do you think about dress codes?  Do you have rules in place where you work?

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