One of my favorite cuisines is Mexican. I always enjoy going out to Mexican restaurants and enjoying a delicious dinner. I feel like I am sort of late to the party though because I only recently discovered chorizo and how delicious it is. If you are saying "What is chorizo" it's basically Mexican sausage and it's fantastic. According to the Food Network, "This boldly-flavored sausage is found well beyond Mexico and features in all sorts of delicious recipes from sandwiches and tapas to soups and even burgers." Next time order something with chorizo and you will become a fan too.


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Turning to our topic "Best Mexican Restaurant in New Jersey" I came across an article from Lovefood that listed the best Mexican restaurants around America and their pick for us here in New Jersey. "From favorite spots for taco Tuesday to long-running neighborhood joints and acclaimed restaurants serving modern takes on regional cuisine, the US has some incredible Mexican restaurants." Hybrid Storytellers Hybrid Storytellers


If you want to visit Jersey's best Mexican restaurant you will have to travel to Hudson County because Lovefood selected Orale Mexican Kitchen in Jersey City. "The vibrant décor is the first thing people notice about Orale, which has locations in downtown Jersey City, Hoboken, and Morristown. Exposed brick walls are plastered with original murals, while pendant lamps create a warm atmosphere. The food doesn’t disappoint either, with popular menu options like bone marrow tacos and lots of types of guacamole. The cocktails, like the blood orange or blueberry margaritas, are equally innovative and delicious."


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