It's that time again, mosquitoes are starting to come out. And, I don't know about you, I don't like bug spray. It's the last thing I want to grab when I head in the back yard.

I realize when we go camping or hiking, bug spray is necessary. But, just heading to the back yard to our firepit, I don't want to grab the bug spray. Every time I use bug spray, I feel I need a shower.

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According to The Spruce, there are three smells that mosquitoes do not like but we love these smells. Yes, citronella candles are very well-know. They have a pretty good sense, but for me they don't always work.

What are the 3 smells we love but Mosquitoes hate, according to The Spruce?

#1 - Citrus Grapefruit / Orange Scents - Citrus scents always smell so good. The smell of orange or grapefruit also keeps the mosquitoes away. So, possibly finding a citrus smell to spray on your body, it might just work. Or, maybe citrus candle of some kind might work.

#2 - Eucalyptus Scents - I absolutely love the smell of eucalyptus. A possible body spray or a candle once again, might keep the mosquitoes away. If you love the garden, a eucalyptus plant will work, also.

#3 - Lavender Scents - Dab a little of lavender oil on your arms or possibly your ankles. Mosquitoes go right for my legs, they are so annoying. Lavender is a beautiful smell, if the mosquitoes hate it, I will use it.

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I will try each one of these scents with a spray, it is much better than bug spray for me. I'm crossing my fingers they work.

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