Allegations of practicing medicine without a license prompt New Jersey investigators to shut down a West Long Branch clinic operator.

Doctor holding out stethescope

The state Attorney General's office and the Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) filed a complaint against Raymond Salani, Jr, in Monmouth Counthy Superior Court. Salani is accused of treating patients and writing prescriptions at Lifestyles Medical LLC, of which he claims to be sole owner, without a license.

He is also accused of violating cease order issued in 1990, which authorities said he violated in 1994 and drew a contempt of court charge.

In addition to halting the practice, the State is asking for a six-month sentence for contempt, along with civil penalties, restitution to all affected patients, and prosecutorial costs.

An order issued April 11 allowed investigators to seize records in the Lifestyles Medical office, and in any other placed where he has carried on medical treatments and procedures.

DCA investigators claim to have found instances in which Salani and his son Randy Salani, gave medical advice to patients. They highlighted an episode in which an apparent seizure victim was allegedly told that no hospital exam was necessary.

The expert in the seizure incident was an unidentified doctor, advertised as the medical director, but who kept no regular, daily hours, authorities said.

DCA twice sent undercover investigators to the center, ostensibly as patients. Authorities claim that each time, they interacted with Salani, saw no doctors, and were given prescriptions.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino's office did not disclose Salani's legal representation. The State's case is led by Deputy Attorney General Bindi Merchant.

Charges are accusations. Defendants are presumed innocent unless, and until, found guilty in a court of law.

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