Attention coffee lovers! If you love your coffee then you wanna swing by your local WAWA today because they are having a 60th Birthday Party and you can enjoy FREE WAWA coffee in honor of their opening in 1964.


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According to USA Today, "Today (Tuesday 4/16/24) marks Wawa's 60th anniversary and the convenience store chain is celebrating by offering customers a free hot coffee of any size, all day. The offer is available at all Wawa stores across the country on April 16, the company said in a news release, and other items, such as teas, juices, lemonade and a special birthday cake donut will also be available for 60 cents."



I do love my WAWA coffee and currently, they have their blueberry cobbler blend in stores so maybe a FREE cup of Blueberry Cobbler is in order today so I'll swing by and grab one today. It's a great way to celebrate 60 years of WAWA!


"Wawa is a privately held, family-owned company with 200+ years in American business. Our story is rooted in values, driven by purpose, and bound for growth."


Free Coffee


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