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Congratulations to Ralph’s Italian Ice 

It is a summer favorite for many, Italian Ice.  The flavored “shaved ice” treat is perfect on a hot summer day. We want to find out who is the “people’s choice” when it comes  to listeners here in Ocean County.

We want you to select below your favorite “ice” place and vote below 👇🏻

Personally my favorite “Italian Ice” flavor is lemon. I’ve always picked lemon as a favorite since a kid. I think two big flavors are cherry and lemon, but everyone has their own and there are many varieties these days.

We sampled google and yelp to find the establishments here in Ocean County to put in our poll. If you do not see an Ocean County establishment that has great “Italian Ice” then write them in below in the comments section. This way all will get votes in our survey.

Summer is always the perfect season for a good Italian Ice and this summer has been an extremely hot one. The perfect treat to cool off during the “dog days” of the summer of 2020. Vote for your favorite and share this poll with your friends on social media.

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