What do you choose while you're walking on the boards?  Are you an Ice Cream or Gelato girl or guy?To me there's nothing better than an Ice Cream Cone on the boardwalk..but I know a lot of friends that enjoy a Gelato.  If you ever wondered what the difference is in these unique refreshing treats for our tongues and bellies, well here's your answer.  Ice Cream is made with cream and Gelato is made with milk.  Gelato is churned a lot slower than my fave Ice Cream.  My pallet has never enjoyed the Gelato, it's just not refreshing to me.  It seems thicker for some reason to me.  And Gelato has less fat, that's probably why I don't like it.

This birthday boy loves his Ice Cream:


What do you choose for that refreshing treat?  Gelato or Ice Cream?