Finally, after three years.

The Royal Farms in Brick is looking a little different, finally after three years.

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For so long the building sat on Rt. 70 with paper covering the inside of the windows. The paper has been torn off and hiring signs are up and spread out through the parking lot, more than I've seen. I stopped in and talked to the manager of the store yesterday.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Several listeners gave us the reason why they weren't open for such a long time.

Thanks, Barb, Charlie, Linda, Anthony, and several Brick residents told me they're not open yet because they don't have enough staff. Wow, is this true? After speaking with the manager of the store, our listeners were right and other reasons, also.

Could it be true? Are they really going to open? I was on their website and I don't see a grand opening as of yet. But, there's definitely a change at the store.

It looks like it's ready to go. Come on, we are ready for Royal Farm's fried chicken. The new Royal Farms is located at the Rt. 70 and Rt. 88 intersections in Brick.

When is the Grand Opening date for the Royal Farms in Brick, NJ?

The grand opening date for the Royal Farms in Brick is Thursday, July 21st, 2022. It's time to grab their fried chicken. If you've never tasted Royal Farms chicken, you will be very, very surprised.

If you are not familiar with Royal Farms, it is owned by Cloverdale Farms and began in 1959. Besides convenience items and gasoline, Royal Farms is known for fried chicken....that's right fried chicken and some say it's the best. I've had their fried chicken, it is delicious.

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