Water comes out of your tap everyday but do you know where it comes from and if it's safe? United Water Toms River has released its 2012 Consumer Confidence Report online.


Spokeswoman Jane Kunka says the "purpose of the CCR is to raise customer's awareness of where their drinking water comes from and the quality of their drinking water and what it takes to deliver water to their home as well as protecting drinking water sources."

She says the report contains such things as Primary Standards, that details the chemicals that are directly related to the safety of your drinking water and Secondary Standards related to the aesthetic quality of your drinking water. She says" the report also talks about the different water that's obtained from the 24 wells that we have. We talk about some history and also about the water supply itself."

Kunka says they're required to supply the CCR by federal and state environmental protection officials. However, the agencies allowed the company to provide the CCR electronically in an effort to be more eco-friendly and cost effective.

All United Water Toms River customers will receive a postcard with a web address that will take them directly to their specific water quality report. The direct link to United Water Toms River 2013 Consumer Confidence Report is www.unitedwater.com/uwtr/ccr. Kunka says hard copies of the report are also available at local libraries.

You can also get a paper copy of the report by calling the company's CCR Hotline at 1-855-841-9572 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

United Water Toms River provides water services to more than 50,000 customers in Toms River, South Toms River, and Berkeley Townships. They're a a subsidiary of French-based Suez Environnement.

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