BRICK – This will make you think twice before you use a marketplace application again to purchase merchandise.

Two 17-year-olds were arrested in Maple Shade after they pulled a box cutter on a man selling them a gaming console.

The teenagers created a bogus account using the phony name “Chris Jenkins” and agreed to purchase the gaming console from Brick resident Ryan Demarco through the mobile app “LetGo.” The teens and Demarco decided to meet in the Maple Leaf Apartment Complex to make the exchange.

Demarco met the teens on Saturday, July 27th, at 3:45 pm at the set location. When Demarco got there, the suspects asked for a ride to a nearby ATM so that they could take money out to pay for the console. Demarco agreed and drove them and returned to the meeting spot.

When they got back, one of the suspects jumped out of the car and left the area, and the other remained in the vehicle for a few minutes before grabbing the gaming console and getting out of the vehicle without giving Demarco any money.

Demarco followed the teen telling him to give his console back, and the suspect pulled a box cutter on him. This prompted Demarco to stop following the teen. He returned home to call the police.

Officers from the Brick Township Police Department responded to the Maple Leaf Complex and canvassed the area for the suspects and developed information on the suspects, who had incidents with some officers in the past.

Just under two hours after the robbery occurred, an officer observed a suspect in the area of the primary suspect’s residence.

Both adolescents were placed under arrest and charged with weapons offenses, and the primary suspect was also charged with Robbery.

The primary suspect was transferred to the Juvenile Justice Commission, and the secondary suspect was released to their parents.

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