It was only a few weeks ago when we were asking, “when is going to feel like summer?”  I imagine some are now calling for fall.  It sure would be nice to get a long stretch of ideal beach weather without the everyday forecast of showers and thunderstorms.

At one time Major League Baseball’s All-Star game was one of the major sports events of the summer.  Prior to interleague play this was the only opportunity to see all the best players from the “other” league and it was truly exciting.  Plus there was a real rivalry between the National and American leagues and players really wanted to win the game.  Now it’s a glorified exhibition game in which for many the main goal is not to get hurt.  Pitchers will likely only throw an inning and managers like in Little League have to try and find a way to get all the position players in the game, regardless of the situation.  Will I watch tonight?  I’ll be tuned in at the start but it’s Christmas in July on the Hallmark Channel so if it’s the usual boring game I could be flipping channels sooner than later.

I’ve caught a few matches at Wimbledon this week and it's a far cry from the days of great rivalries featuring superstar players.  For me there was nothing like the Borg, McEnroe and  Connors era but I also was into it when the “Big 3” was Federer, Djokovic and Nadal.  As for the women I don’t know anyone but I will also admit it’s an age thing for me…as in I’m old. In fairness the players are great but something is missing.

I will never understand the desire for those to play Powerball and Mega Millions only when the jackpots get to obscene amounts.  Like you wouldn’t be happy winning just a few million dollars?

All-Star 'Lame': Ten of New York Baseball's Biggest First-Half Disasters

The All-Star Break is upon us, and for both New York baseball teams, the break comes mercifully. These are ten of the biggest first-half disasters.

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