Since this is now a weekly feature I want to use my time to focus on local subjects and those that from time-to-time might put a smile on your face.  However I can’t be blind to what is going on in the world today and sometimes I will feel almost obligated to comment on issues that are not home to the Jersey Shore and won’t leave anyone smiling.

Valentine’s Day in Kansas City, Missouri was filled with love until hate busted down the door and took over.  Red was the color of the day for not just the holiday but to celebrate the Chiefs winning their second straight Super Bowl in dramatic fashion.  Of course you know what happened…as a parade and celebration in front of nearly a million people was breaking up our nation’s curse…gun violence ruined the day.  Another mass shooting, the 48th in 45 days in America, took and ruined lives within seconds.

On an unseasonably warm February day in the middle of our country what should have been a time for celebration was ruined.  With kids having a day off from school it was a time for families to gather and enjoy a wonderful time with their beloved football team.  Now you will have those same children remembering the day for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t have any answers and apparently nobody else does either.  America has an infatuation with guns unlike anywhere else in the free world.  You can talk about tougher laws and mental health reform all you want but tell that to the thousands already impacted but what is a growing epidemic.

Concerts, parties, schools, churches, parades and now Super Bowl celebrations.  What and where is next?

Shooting at Chiefs Victory Rally

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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