Traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Brick is always crazy, take it easy on the roads.

It's something we all have to deal with, especially in the summer. But it's not just the summer. Our roads are packed with or without summer traffic. Summer traffic just brings on the extra stress, something we don't need.

The 5 Worst Intersections in Brick; Do You Agree?

There are several on my list, please add to my list on the Facebook comments or email me We have a lot of busy intersections we have to encounter every day living here in Ocean County. Send me your intersections from "hell" in Brick.

Summer traffic is the worst but at the same time, it brings money to the Jersey Shore. We need a strong economy, especially after the loss of last year.

I went to Chick-fil-A yesterday and the horns that were beeping on Rt. 70, fingers flying in the air, it was a crazy afternoon. It was a Monday afternoon around 2:00 pm and the traffic was just nuts. A Saturday and Sunday are just crazy along Rt. 70 because of Costco being right there. Plus the beach, shore traffic, it's just a mess.

Traffic is the worst from Memorial Day to Labor Day in Ocean County. I feel there's traffic all the time in Brick. We have our dentist, Dr., and Orthodontist in Brick, so I feel we're there a lot.

The Garden State Parkway is where the traffic starts forming on Friday afternoons coming south then on Sundays later in the day, all going north. Locals stay off the Parkway then, of course.

Do you agree with these intersections in Brick being the worst?

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