Toms River has been named one of the most boring places in all of New Jersey. A list from real estate blog Movoto named Toms River the sixth most boring town in all of New Jersey, but is it really fair? 

Movoto says they looked at several things to make the listings. The list looked at the town's population, the percentage of young adults in town (the higher the better),the number of live music venues, the number of nightlife and entertainment options in town (bars, clubs, festivals, movie theaters, etc.), and the number of fast food restaurants in town (the fewer the better).

Toms River ranked in sixth place list. "This place [Toms River] did rank decently in a few areas. Some active life options, a few music venues, and a decent score in the arts and entertainment area kept this place from being any worse on our boring list," Movoto wrote.

Full disclosure: it looks like this list was published in 2014, but I'd still like to defend Toms River's rankings since the post is still active. The list has not been updated since then.

Toms River has too many fast food restaurants and not many unique dining options , according to the site. "Toms River also has a poor population density and an aging population. Only about 18% of people in Toms River were between the ages of 18 and 34, according to the 2010 US census. We will say that this place has appeared on MTV several times before. Why? No idea," Movoto wrote.

I'd like to object to some of their criticisms of the town. Having older residents in town doesn't make a town boring at all, and I'd say there are more food options than Movoto gives us credit for having in town. Yes, it's no secret that a drive down Route 37 could look fast food alley. However, I can't even count the town's non-chain restaurants. I was trying to total it up in my mind, and I lost count. There's great locally owned restaurants and diners in town.

It's not our fault that fast food restaurants have found Toms River to be a good location to open their doors, and I don't fault anyone for visiting those locations. We all want a fast food burger or french fry sometimes.

For what it's worth: Pleasantville took home the title of the most boring town in New Jersey on this list. Pleasantville is nestled in between Egg Harbor and Atlantic City. So I am not sure that it's fair to call it the most boring place in New Jersey since it's nestled between two much larger areas. Say what you want about Atlantic City, but I've never been bored there.

I grew up in Beachwood so Toms River has been playground. As much as I did the typical complaining about the area (as all teenagers do), if you're bored in this area it is because you're not trying to have fun. There's tons of great outdoor stuff to do 8 months of the year. There are tons of places to eat (no matter what your budget is) in town. There are plenty of drinking establishments in town (and nearby). Plus, Toms River is centrally located to places with even more stuff to do. Seaside Heights is nearby, of course. You could be in Philadelphia or New York City in under two hours. So the area couldn't be better.

Am I crazy, however, for thinking this ranking is unfair? Let me know by taking our poll.


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