I can tell you personally that the roads yesterday, Sunday, October 29th, were among the worst I've driven on in a long time.

I had to drive out to the Philadelphia suburbs for a family event, which took me on 195, the New Jersey Turnpike, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The drive out in the afternoon wasn't great, but the drive back last night was 2 hours of white knuckle travel.

Thankfully, most drivers took it slow and left plenty of room. But I still saw two accidents on my way home; one on 195 right at the Turnpike interchange, and another where 195 turns into 138.

But at least I only had to be on the road for one trip there and then back. I didn't have to depend on my car for work like the Ocean County local who records his travels as "Delivery Dashcam" right here in Toms River does. He sent us this video of yesterday's scary conditions:


He also, by the way, shared with us this video which will look familiar to a lot of us here in Ocean County - the mess that develops at Routes 166 and 37 every day (warning, there are a few expletives in the below video):



Our thanks to "Delivery Dashcam" for sharing his videos with us. Stay safe out there, everyone!


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