Sausage links, bacon, pork roll, eggs, pancakes, the list goes on and on. I love breakfast.

We are the "Breakfast Show" with Shawn & Sue, so breakfast is our favorite time of the day. Thanks for always sharing your breakfast with us every morning.

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fudio, getty stock, thinkstock

When we ask you about your favorite things in Ocean County, your opinions come flying in. I love them, good or bad, you are awesome and when we asked about "Favorite Breakfast" in Ocean County, boy there were a lot of favorite places. The majority of these 12 had so many votes or mentions, just amazing.

For me, going out to breakfast is so, so important. It's my favorite time. I truly believe it's because when growing up, we would always go to this favorite diner of my Mom's and Dad's for breakfast. The one day Dad didn't work, Sunday - after church. Still to this day, I make sure we go out as a family once a weekend for breakfast. It means more to me than any dinner or lunch outing. Breakfast is my time with my family, I appreciate it and love it so much.

I was driving on the island, through Ortley and Lavallette, and along 35, the breakfast spots were packed this past weekend. If you're anything like me, breakfast is "huge" when we're on vacation. Vacation breakfast is the best. We find the best breakfast spots where ever we are visiting and check them out. I just love it.

Where is the number one Breakfast Place in Ocean County?

THE countdown to the number one "best" breakfast spot in Ocean County is on...

Countdown to the Top 12 Favorite Breakfast Restaurants in Ocean County, NJ

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