Hoping that it will help us get through this 2-part Nor'easter, I'm blogging today about spring.  I always feel good at the start of spring time.  The usually mild temperatures invite us to be outdoors after hibernating a bit in the winter.  The green of the grasses, plants, and trees is beautiful after seeing nothing but dried brown for months.  Winter, in my opinion the worst season, ends and makes way for the 3 better seasons.

Religious holidays happen at this time of year and if that's symbolic to you then it's a nice time to celebrate with family.  I remember being in church in Toms River one year and the priest talked about the fresh start and new beginnings of spring.

That reference has stayed with me through the years and lifts me up from the winter doldrums.  It seems a good time to start a new project, set a new goal, start or renew relationships.  Just like the flowers are budding and blooming, I like to think that we can do the same this time of year.

So what are you looking forward to this spring?    Eating outside?  Doing some gardening?  I'm most looking forward to seeing the colors of spring.  The first tulips I see will make me very happy!


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