• I know it’s been very fall-like this week, especially in the morning but next week looks to be in the 70’s every day. Those of you who are retired should be able to get in a few beach days.
  • This is usually when the prime time TV shows would be returning for the fall season but if you haven’ noticed it’s more like reruns and reality shows. Of course with the writer’s strike ending and the actors expected to follow closely behind you should have your favorite shows back by the end of the year.
  • If you are a fan of the Yankees, Mets, Giants and/or Jets your attitude a couple of weeks ago was this. Ok it was a horrendous baseball season with little or no joy…but!  We’ll make up for it now because both the NFL teams are poised to do good things and the Jets could be Super Bowl bound.  As reality now hits you have set your sites on the New York Liberty winning the WNBA title which may be the only think worth celebrating.  Of course if you are a Philadelphia sports fan…well let’s just say you’re lucky.
  • The death of another sports idol is just another reminder of what my father used to say with regularity and that is the older you get the more people who know who die. The Orioles Brooks Robinson was the greatest fielding third baseman of all time and one of my favorite non-Mets in the 60’s and 70’s. Thanks to a baseball camp at Ocean County College I got to interview him in the mid-1980’s and he turned out to be a wonderful person.  I ended up spending an hour with him and he simply could not have been nicer.  Brooks Robinson was 86 and will be missed by many.
  • Follow up to yesterday’s segment on Travis and Taylor. My daughter-in-law’s 7-year old niece just added a Travis Kelce jersey to her Christmas wish list. “Swifties” will rule the world.


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