And, it seems to be just Brick and Point Pleasant in Ocean County, according to my "bug" expert. Even with the colder weather, they seem to be popping out a little early this year.

My "bug" expert is my husband who runs a local bug business for mosquitos and pests. These bugs are so weird. They are mosquito-looking bugs but they are not mosquitos.

What are these weird bugs taking over Brick, NJ?

These bugs are called the midge bug, they resemble mosquitos. They sometimes bite and sometimes do not. They can be a little tricky to get rid of.

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If I was you and was trying to get rid of these bugs I would call an expert but there are some home remedies that you could possibly try. I googled it and it read to put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl with a few drops of liquid dish soap. Midges are drawn to the sweet smell of the mix and get stuck when they land.

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I don't usually like using home remedies because if you put a bowl outside with apple cider vinegar and the sweet smell of liquid dish soap, I always think of the other things I'm attracting to that bowl in my backyard.

Here's the strange thing about these midges in Ocean County. They only seem to be in Brick and some parts of Point Pleasant. Midges are not harmful, from what I'm reading, so that's good news.

Why are midge bugs taking over Brick only?

Midges love to live in moist places where there is water. Ocean County is surrounded by water, but they don't seem to be in Pt. Pleasant, Toms River, or any other place surrounded by water.

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