Winter is here and it's already gloomy to some. This law isn't just for the winter, but it's the worst for the cold months.

I thought this was interesting as I read Cold, gloomy, wet, rain, snow, winter in the Northeast.

Annoying Rule (my opinion) - This winter law restricts you from letting your car get warm. Ok, I understand idling in a convenience parking lot while you run into the store, but I'm not allowed to warm my car up, especially in the morning.

dragana991, Getty Images
dragana991, Getty Images


Weren't we taught to let our car warm up and never take off right away in them, when it's freezing?  It's against the law to let your car warm up. There's an anti-idling law in the Garden State. If you are found idling it could be a $250 fine and it's doubled if it's a second or third defense.

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I leave in the early morning, I can't NOT warm my car up. It's just too darn cold. The anti-idling rule took effect in 2019 from the Department of Transportation. How could I not of known about this? What about all those automatic starters, they're perfect in the winter. According to, it's better for a car to take off and warm up then just letting it idle. My car runs so weirdly when it's freezing, not sure about yours.

How does this work for electric cars? I believe electric cars, they probably heat up quicker than gas cars.

I will still let my car heat up, I just feel it's something I have to do. Am I wrong?

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