The first spot in Bayville is right on the corner of Mill Creek Road and Ocean Gate Avenue and Veeder Lane, right by Berkeley Shores is just crazy and even crazier with the summer traffic heading to Ocean Gate.

There are relatively new condos right on that corner which brings even more traffic than before to this intersection.

This intersection is bad on a good day. I have sat at this intersection trying to make a left off of Veeder for a good 10 - 15 minutes already.  I'm hoping the town plans on putting a traffic light in there. A traffic light would really help here or is it too close to the Rt. 9 light. Do you agree?

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Hickory Lane and Rt. 9 in Bayville
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The second spot in Bayville that really needs a traffic light is at Hickory Lane and Rt. 9. This intersection is so bad, especially when Precision Gym lets out. It sometimes takes 15 minutes to make a left onto Rt. 9 is just crazy. A traffic light would be fantastic here. Do you agree?

There are so many intersections in Ocean County that need traffic lights. Please let us know where you think there should be a traffic light.

Where's that intersection that drives you crazy, sitting and waiting just to turn left or right. And, when there's no extra room for you to turn right, you have to wait until that person ahead of you turns left.

Where would you like to see a traffic light?

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