If things were the way they should be, today, Monday, May 11th, should have seen the Yankees kicking off a 4-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays, the Mets would be getting ready for a few days in the desert against the Arizona Diamondbacks, and while the Phillies would be enjoying a day off, they'd be preparing to host the powerhouse Los Angeles Dodgers for 3 games.

Of course things aren't how they should be right now and the 2020 Major League Baseball season never got past Spring Training.

But, news is coming out today that we may have just gotten a step closer to seeing our favorite teams take the field in 2020.

Both the Associated Press and ESPN are reporting that the owners of MLB's 30 teams have come to agreement on a plan that would start the 2020 season in July and feature an 82-game schedule, just over half of the normal 162-game season.

July is usually the halfway mark of the baseball season, with the All-Star Game normally taking place in the middle of the month.

There would be a number of changes to the season, like divisional realignments, a re-imagined playoff structure, and the point that would impact fans the most, empty stadiums, at least to start.

It's not a done deal yet, but it's a big step. From here, the team owners will present the plan to the MLB Players Association, which will surely lead to further negotiations.

But, if you're like me and the best part of spring and summer is rooting on your favorite baseball team, it's the most encouraging news that we've heard up to this point and gives us some hope to hear the crack of a bat in 2020.

You can click here for more of the details on the owners' plans from our national reporters.


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