Governor Phil Murphy's Twitter account, Malls in New Jersey are allowed to reopen as of June 29th, 2020!!!!!!!

Of course, as you see in the tweet above, there will have to be some safety rules and procedures put into place so that when the malls open, they can REMAIN open.

Let's take a look.

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Face masks are required. No if's, and's or but's about it. And Murphy does make a good point.

Stores can only be filled to 50% capacity. This one shouldn't be too surprising being that very similar rules have been put into affect in just about every other type of business that has been allowed to open so far.

Restaurants within the mall will finally be allowed to open for takeout or outdoor dining. Servers can get back to work and now we have more options of where to eat.

However, the food court seating as well as other common areas will still remain closed. These areas have a plethora of germs and it would be physically impossible to thoroughly clean between every person who sits down or even touches any of these surface areas.

And finally, any theaters or arcades in these said malls must still remain closed. A lot of these spaces have a lot of people going from seat to seat or machine to machine. A lot of germs are involved and it is just too risky at this point in time.

The rules being put into place have pretty much been seen across the board. However, if and when we get more-detailed information, we will let you know before it is time to head out to our Jersey Shore malls.

Keep an eye on Governor Phil Murphy's Twitter Page for other announcements.

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