It's one of those moments that can feel like it lasts a lifetime - you start to choke on a bit of food and you literally can't breathe.

That's what happened to Brick Township EMT Katelyn Lammer on Tuesday morning (June 9th) at Brick's Town Hall.

According to a post on the Brick Township Police Department's Facebook page, she was stationed by the front door to screen visitors to the municipal complex when she began to choke on some food.

In the blink of an eye, one of our community's rescuers becomes a victim.

Even though she stayed amazingly calm and didn't panic, you can still practically feel the tension as Katelyn makes her way to the Police Department's front desk, bangs on the window, and puts her hands to her neck to signal that she's choking.

Officers rush through the door and give her the Heimlich maneuver.

It only takes about 10 seconds from the time that she signals for help to Sgt. Austin Kenny and Sgt. Charlie Kelly rushing to her aid.

The Brick Township Police Department posted video of the incident on their Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon:



The whole incident lasts less than a minute, but it's an amazing example of how emergency training can turn a scary, potentially fatal situation into something with a happy ending.

You can read more about everybody who was involved in the incident by clicking here for the Brick Township Police Department's official Facebook page.

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