Despite the fact that many still have their Christmas decorations up (partly due to last week’s snow storm and cold weather) we are entering that time of year when the winter blues set in.

Let’s face it. We’ve already had enough brutal weather and yet winter only officially arrived 20 days ago and we have another 69 days before spring arrives on March 20th.

For many of us and I do mean US these next few months are just a matter of survival and we often need things to look forward to.  For example if you’re a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles you are hoping your NFL season does not end until Super Bowl Sunday on February 4th which will make the winter appear shorter.

Of course winter came early for Giants and Jets fans.

Just a few days after the Super Bowl is played the Winter Olympics begin in Pyeongchang, South Korea and will run from February 8-25 which should provide a nice diversion during what is the shortest but often feels like the longest month of the year.  Nothing quite like families gathering in front of the fireplace to watch curling and biathlon together.

I’m sure many of you plan on taking a winter or early spring vacation and if it’s to somewhere warm that certainly will make getting through winter just a bit easier.  I know quite a few people who have second homes or condos in Florida and travel back and forth during the winter months.  None have invited me to come along.

While my winter will be filled with nothing but work I will admit to having something to look forward to.  On March 24th my son Brandon will be getting married to Jill Martino and these next 73 days will be pretty busy because of that.

While the father of the groom is not an essential figure I am hoping the upcoming wedding plans will make the days and weeks ahead move quickly and help beat the winter blues that are about to set in.



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