One of our (My wife and I) favorite things to do is to get out and explore with a good hike. Over the years we have visited hundreds of parks around the nation and hiked so many right here in the Garden State. It's a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors without overly stressing the body. Walking is a fantastic way to get a good healthy workout. According to Forbes, "According to the 2022 Outdoor Participation Trends Report from the Outdoor Foundation, 58.7 million people in the U.S. went hiking in 2021" 


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In a recent article by Reader's Digest, they highlighted the best hiking trails in the U.S. and this list included their pick for best hiking trail in New Jersey. "There's something magical about lacing up your hiking boots, hitting the trail and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature." The pick for New Jersey will take you to Burlington County. Angelo Pantazis Angelo Pantazis


According to Reader's Digest, "Pine Barrens, aka the Pinelands, is an enormous area of land that covers 1.1 million acres. The Franklin Parker Preserve takes up 9,700 acres of that space and has four hiking trails covering 21 miles. You'll find loops that weave around cranberry bogs, blueberry fields and around the homes of bald eagles. And when you're finished hiking, try winding down with some classic family camping movies at a nearby campground." So maybe your next hike you check out the Franklin Parker Preserve. Timmy Wesley Timmy Wesley


Be sure to check out my hiking page to see some great trails around the Garden State. CLICK HERE for "Hiking NJ".


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