Let's be honest - 2020 has been a really tough year for everybody.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic, too much political drama for pretty much everybody who identifies with any party, and all of the associated stresses that come along with all of that, it'll be good to put this year in our rear view mirror in just a few weeks.

But, here at 92.7 WOBM, we truly feel like we have a vitally important mission - it's our duty to keep Ocean County upbeat and positive, and that's why we've flipped the candy cane striped switch now to once again become Ocean County's Home for the Holidays!

We got together with Santa himself and he agreed that everybody needs some extra joy this holiday season, and he generously let us crack open his massive collection of holiday hits to share with all of Ocean County right now!

We all need an opportunity to change our mindsets from the challenging things that have defined 2020 so far to things that are more uplifting and positive, like family, friends, and all of the expressions of joy, love, and gratitude that define the holiday season.

And hey, even if you're celebrating the holidays with your loved ones over Zoom this year, just tell everybody to download our free 92.7 WOBM app and we'll provide the soundtrack to your virtual holiday celebrations this year!

It's our gift to you, Ocean County, so put on your Santa hat, deck the house with lights, put your tree up a little early this year, and turn us up as we once again keep the tradition going of being Ocean County's Home for the Holidays!

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