I have many pet peeves so I have to classify them into three categories: big, not quite big and small.   Just because I felt like doing so today I’ll break down a dozen of my pet peeves which you may feel the same about.

Let’s start with the BIG category and it’s not a surprise they involve driving habits:

  • Drivers who don’t use directional signals. What’s worse than this?  Whether it be on a local road when making a turn or those that race in and out of lanes while doing 80 on the Garden State Parkway.
  • Drivers who totally ignore yield signs. There is a reason why they are there but too many drivers it actually means speed up.
  • Pedestrians who not only take their sweet time when crossing the road but do so while talking on their phones.
  • People who in a crowded parking lot take up two spaces. OK I get it, you are worried about your car getting dinged…we all are.  But unless you can find a remote section in the lot to do so take the same chance we all do.

Now for a few favorites from the NOT QUITE big category:

  • Having to ask for napkins at any food establishment, including drive-thrus.
  • People having a loud conversation on their cell phone in a public place. This is getting close to being a BIG pet peeve.
  • Calling any business or professional office in which the phone is answered with “please hold.”
  • Those who talk in the movies just after the message which says “don’t talk during the film.”

And here’s a few SMALL pet peeves:

  • Parents who talk about their children and never ask about yours.
  • People who leave shopping carts in parking spaces instead of walking 20 feet to put them where they should.
  • Those who don’t say “thank you” when you hold open the door for them.
  • Co-workers who use the microwave in the kitchen but rarely if ever clean it.

Clearly today is one of those in which I had nothing.  That’s also a pet peeve.

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