Everyone’s definition of the best way to spend Father’s Day is different and for me this past weekend’s celebration was nearly perfect.

I say nearly perfect because neither my father or father-in-law are with us any longer plus I needed a weekend to share it with both my children.  I saw Brandon and his wife Jill on Friday and Saturday and then spent yesterday with Alex which I’ll get to in a minute.

So back to what I said at the top. Everyone’s definition of how to spend Father’s Day is different and based partly on the age of your children and other factors.

For some the day might have included a family breakfast or backyard barbeque.

Others might have opted to spend the day playing golf with their dads or sons and then watching the final round of the US Open on TV.  There’s also taking Dad out to the ballgame;  the Yankees and BlueClaws were home Sunday.

Fishing, boating, hiking or just relaxing in the backyard were other options that I’m sure many took advantage of.  Of course for yours truly it was all about the beach and the stars aligned to make it that almost perfect day.

It started with getting the first parking spot on North Avenue by the ocean in Seaside Park which we did shortly after 8 a.m.  A short walk to get breakfast to go at Beach Culture, which is owned and operated by Christine and Jim Courtney and right next to their Surf Taco location.  Plenty of healthy choices and excellent coffee which made for a good start to the day.

As for the beach itself, well there might be better days this summer but Sunday will be hard to top.  A cloudless sky with a terrific southeast breeze which cooled things off nicely.  The water was colored green near the shoreline and honestly looked more like the Caribbean than the Atlantic Ocean. It was amazing.

After more than 7 hours of relaxing, walking, reading  and just enjoying time with Alex and Jane we then headed to the backyard at Bum Rogers where I enjoyed a couple of cold ones and a delicious meal in an ideal outdoor setting to cap off what was a nearly perfect day.

In truth the only thing I really needed was to be able to spend it with my children and whether it’s sunny or rainy if you have that than you have everything.  Of course the sun did make it even better.

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