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In the last few weeks and now days it has become increasingly more difficult to escape the talk of virus, money and work. The Coronavirus has begun to effect families around the world and right here in Ocean County. The first thing that comes to my mind is "I don't wanna deal with this" or "This is the last thing we need" or "I've worked to hard to go backwards now". All of these reactions You at home may be thinking as well or maybe your simply scared or mad....all of these reactions/thoughts are perfectly warranted.

My Wife is a firm believer of being "positive" and when I recently began to get "scared/mad" she reminded me of the power of simply remaining "positive" during trying times. I like this definition from "Success Consciousness" "Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way, looking for solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing and making life happier. It is a happy and worry-free state of mind, which looks at the bright side of life."

I know it's easy to say and I know when health is involved these things are easier said then done, but then I began to think I can't control this virus or it's affects BUT I can control how I live and being positive is just better and can help.

So I began to investigate, what are some of the powers with "positivity"

Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, has been read by millions and praised by several U.S. Presidents. This quote is something to remember especially on those days when your less than positive ....
“What you are determines the world in which you live, so as you change, your world changes also.” I'm going to use this and we all know there will be days we will need to.

In an article published by Huffington Post, thinking positively can have actual health benefits. In this publication it was cited that having a positive attitude can help with several areas of our physical health including heart, longevity and immune system functions. You can experience what they referred to as "a sense of awe" from being positivity. "Hiking through a beautiful natural landscape, listening to moving classical music, or participating in a religious or spiritual ritual are some of the experiences in life that make us feel most joyful and alive. Research has shown that experiences of art, religion and philosophy are the most common experiences that evoke a sense of awe — that sense of wonder and connection to something larger than ourselves." Check out this article and find ways to create your own "awe".

Can "positivity" be contagious? I know that seems cliche' considering we are talking about Coronavirus, but it's true....being positive during this crisis can spread and help others during this difficult time. I found this article from Odyssey Online and it points to how YOU staying positive can affect those around you and help in a case like this. So maybe the next time you think "what can I do?" Maybe the easy first answer ..... stay positive.

While writing this article I thought to myself "how do I stay positive in a very negative atmosphere?" Searching I found this article from Psychology Today .... 7 Tips for Staying Positive:

  • Write in a gratitude journal every day
  • Listen to music that sounds the way you want to feel (92.7 WOBM has your back here)
  • Share positivity by sending one thank-you email or doing one kind act every day
  • Challenge your negative thinking
  • Smile
  • Follow your passion
  • Meditate

Speaking of meditation, this is an area I want to look further into and implement into my life. Healthline  had an article that pointed out key "health" benefits to implementing meditation into our lifestyles. Maybe while we are more health conscious these days, this is a technique you want to try yourself.

Perhaps yoga is an exercise you can experience to help your over mental and psyical health. The American Osteopathic Association published a report that looks to list the benefits of yoga.

Let's try this ...... let us try to stay positive during this crisis and help one another and help our communities. We will be stronger after this is over #wegotthis 

i am not a doctor, but I am your neighbor and hopefully your radio friend, if you are having a rough day write me....it may be good for both of us :) email: shawn.michaels@townsquaremedia.com 

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