Mimosa, Joe Shlabotnik, flickr
Mimosa, Joe Shlabotnik, flickr


I like pretty drinks...Meaning pretty colors.  Ask any of my friends, I'm so not a person that chooses alcohol over soda but I thought about it and this year is the year of the Mimosa.  It's that sparkly refreshing drink.

It's usually a delicious drink for brunch / breakfast.  If you have people over for breakfast, guarantee you'll guests will love it!   It's a mix of your favorite bubbly and orange juice.

Here's the best way to make a tasty one:

3/4 Champagne (my favorite is Barefoot Champagne)

1/4 Orange Juice (no pulp)

1 piece of a cut up strawberry on top

And I prefer both chilled and ice in the glass, too.

Also you could make a bowl of it, sort of like a punch bowl if you like.  And sometimes I've even put some orange sherbert in the bunch bowl.  That's good!


*Remember the fruit on top--if it's not a strawberry, try a cherry or even pineapple chunk.


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