Love Potatoes?
Thursday (3/31) is National "Tater" Day .... A day to celebrate the potato. So Sue and I are asking the simple question .... How does the Jersey Shore like it's taters ? Vote below and add any comments as well. My favorite is baked or mashed ........
Did Cadbury Ruin The Creme Egg?
The Cadbury Creme Egg is an iconic early-year treat. As the calendar gets closer to Easter, the creamy treat will start showing up on shelves. But, apparently Cadbury is messing with the recipe and people are noticing.
What Are Your Favorite Leftover Recpies?
Here we are, the Monday after Thanksgiving and the kitchen at work smells like Thanksgiving dinner all over again, with everyone heating up their leftovers. What are your favorite ways to stretch out the holiday food that you've still got?

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