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In my opinion this has to be the most fantastic thing to happen to residents as we begin getting rid of the autumn leaves. Yes it’s a beautiful time of year with the colors of fall, but as those leaves begin to fall it becomes quite a clean-up.

In the past we would be raking for weeks, pick them up and bag them and then begin again as more leaves fall as quick as you can scoop them up. I often thought maybe it would be easier to wait until every leaf fell and then rake the big piles, but for many it was an ongoing process as the leaves come down.

This annual clean-up is something no one really looks forward to, but now in the last few years it has become a lot easier with the implementation of the “Superscooperleafthingamajig” well that’s what I call it. The giant leaf scooping machine that looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book. This invention is good for the environment by eliminating bags and makes it much easier to clean-up. Not all towns have this “Superscooperleafthingamajig” but like my town, Little Egg Harbor,  it is a welcomed addition to fall clean-up.

All residents now have to do, if your town has this machine, is simply rake or blow your leaves to the curb in neat piles and they will come by and scoop them up with the “Superscooperleafthingamajig

I have not seen the Cat in the Hat driving the “Superscooperleafthingamajig” lol

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