If you're in the habit of stopping at the Monmouth Service Area on the Garden State Parkway for a bathroom break or to top off the gas tank, you'll have to rethink your strategy after Labor Day.

As our sister station 94.3 The Point is reporting, on Monday, September 3rd, the rest stop will be closing for nearly 9 months.

That's when they'll be starting a renovation project tabbed at nearly 11 1/2 million dollars, which is scheduled to run until Memorial Day weekend of next year.

Turnpike Authority officials say that the service area will be getting upgrades to its facilities, including new restaurants.

The Monmouth Service Area isn't the only major rest stop to be closing for an extended period, either.

The New Jersey Turnpike's Thomas Edison Service Area will be shuttering for renovations from Labor Day 2018 to Memorial Day 2019 as well.


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