I have friends who I will often debate politics with because in the end the worst case scenario is we will agree to disagree.  That used to be commonplace as having differences of opinion when it came to politics was like arguing who was better…Aaron Judge or Pete Alonso.  My point is people have always debated politics whether it was at the dinner table or during a cocktail party.  Nobody really wins those arguments because for the most part you are simply expressing your opinion which may not be the same as others.  Usually at some point the discussion moves into a different direction with no harm.

That certainly is not the case today as we are in an era in which neither side wants to give the other any credence when it comes to their viewpoint.  Families and friendships have been divided to the point where they can’t even speak with one another.  Those on the “right” believe the “left” has destroyed or is in the process of destroying America and those on the “left” believe the “right” has lost the meaning of what America is supposed to be.  If you want to be honest the truth is probably somewhere in the middle and at one time that was where the majority of us stood.

I say “us” because I was and still am a person who lives in the middle but clearly we are no longer the majority and really don’t have so-called leaders to look up to.  It just seems like today is dominated by the dangerous and vial rhetoric spewed from people who are blinded to believe they are always in the right and the other side is wrong and that’s the way it is.

The end result today is little gets accomplished and problems grow on a daily basis. Nobody wins, everybody losses and we have come to accept mediocrity…heck we even applaud it.


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