If you thought that this year's college basketball tournament has been a nail-biter, you should see what's been going with WOBM's 4th Annual Mascot Madness!

Voting has closed on the semifinals, and it's time to reveal who will be fighting for the 2019 championship.

A battle that will end in a Cinderella story for one Ocean County high school mascot:

Matchup 1 - Lacey Lions (8) vs. Toms River South Indians (2)

The Lacey Lions have been scratching and clawing their way through the competition, dispatching the #1 seeded Donovan Catholic Griffins in Round 2 to face the #2 seeded Toms River South Indians in the semifinals, and they just sent the Indians to the locker room in a lopsided upset:

Ocean County Mascot Madness 2019 Semifinal 1 result
Ocean County Mascot Madness 2019 Semifinal 1 result

Between the main poll and the WOBM app bonus vote, the Lacey Lions comfortably cruise into the finals.


Matchup 2 - Toms River North Mariners (3) vs. Central Regional Golden Eagles (5)

This matchup was another battle of a former champion, the Toms River North Mariners, doing battle against an underdog, the Central Regional Golden Eagles.

It was also another no-doubt victory:

Ocean County Mascot Madness 2019 Semifinal 2 result
Ocean County Mascot Madness 2019 Semifinal 2 result

This was another case of strong voting on the main poll pacing the voting while votes on the app bonus poll slammed the door.


With that being said, it's time to present the 2019 Ocean County Mascot Madness finals:

Lacey Lions (8) vs. Central Regional Golden Eagles (5)

It's a tale of two underdogs who have enjoyed strong voting both on the main poll and on the WOBM app bonus vote through the first 3 rounds of this year's competition.

Now the question will be, who can get the most people to vote daily?

Will the Lacey Lions upset the whole field and go from 8th seed to 2019 champion, or will the Central Regional Golden Eagles triumph over their just-down-the-Parkway rivals and bring a championship to Berkeley Township?

Once again, you can vote once a day right here, and on the bonus poll that's now live on the free WOBM app. Once you open the app, just look for the "MM Bonus Vote" tag, and we'll add up the polls once they close next Monday (April 1st) at Noon.


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